NJC - Superposition PCB


Black Lives Matter. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Always.

Back in June, our bass player Tyler started developing this distortion pedal PCB to be sold to benefit local mutual aid and support groups. After a few different iterations, we’re stoked to be offering these boards up for sale. 10 bucks, including shipping within the US. We’ll also send you a recommended parts list and instructions if you need 'em.

If you want something a bit more involved, Acorn will have their own version up for soon with an additional control panel and face plate, with proceeds also going to a good cause. Head to their IG page for more info.

Nerd specs below:
The NJC Superposition is a single opamp stage distortion pedal. Comparable to the MXR dist+/DOD250, the Superposition has been modified for improved frequency response and added versatility. The 3-position clipping switch allows for boost mode, symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping. This circuit is a great build for both beginner and experienced hobbyists. Plus, it’s goes to support a great cause.